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Gallery hours: Tue - Sat 11:30 am - 5:30pm
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1045 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94109, 415-962-7877, www.smaartgallery.com
    Figuratively Speaking

    Artists: Avery Palmer, Bill Abright, Calvin Ma, Joe
    Kowalczyk, Margaret Keelan, Michelle Gregor, Steven
    Allen, Susannah Israel, Wanxin Zhang

    Curator: Steven Allen
    This second annual invitational exhibition presents
    sculptural work that explores the complexity of the
    human experience through the metaphor of the
    human body. Figuratively Speaking highlights the
    presence and continuing relevance of the figure in
    Bay Area contemporary ceramics.

    Exhibition August 5September 11, 2014

    Opening Reception: Thursday August 7th, 6-9pm
    Closing Reception: Thursday September 4th, 6-9pm

    Gallery Hours: Tue - Sat 11:30am - 5:30pm

    Part of the  Lower Polk /// TL Art Walk

Michelle Gregor
Wanxin Zhang
Margaret Keelan
Joe Kowalczyk
Susannah Israel
Avery Palmer
Gallery will be closed Sept 12th - 27th
SMAart Open Studios

Resident Artists Members: Steve Allen, Lee Bloch, Michael Broeker, William Chase, Shenny Cruces, Eric
Dawson, Trevor Ewald, Mark Farmer, Nicki Green, Susan Gregory, Marjorie Green, Anna Lichtenberg, Mia
Lobel, Scott Phillpott, Jacqueline Regalado, Jessica  Regalado, Sylvia
Vientulis, Lily Yao

Emerging Artists Members: Megan Brady, Yoshi Hoshino, Delphine Jacquin, Eaine McHard, Susan
McKinney, Paula Moran,

SMAart Gallery & Studio is pleased to announce its third annual Open Studio.  Come experience the works of
art produced by the artist of SMAart Gallery & Studio.  Buy Local!  Eat on Local!  Come see beautiful works of
art made here in San Francisco on Sutter Street by the artists of SMAart.  Its the SMAarter way to support
local artist and the environment.  

Dates: October 1 - 31, 2013
Opening Reception: Thursday October 2, 6-10pm
Open Studio Weekend: Saturday & Sunday Oct. 25 & 26, 11am - 6pm
Gallery Hours: Tue - Sat 11:30am - 5:30pm

Part of the
 Upper TL Art Walk
  • Calvin Ma  
Bill Abright
Steven Allen