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An exhibit of four artists who have used
printmaking as a jumping off point to
explore book arts, collage and mixed

Javier Chalini
Dilcia Giron
Sylvia Vientulis
Linda Masotti

Dates: June 2 – July 3, 2015

Opening Reception:
Thursday June 4th, 6:00pm- 9:00pm

Closing Reception:
Thursday July 2nd, 6:00pm- 9:00pm

Gallery Hours: Tue - Sat 11:30am - 5:30pm
Gallery CLOSED: July 4th - 11th

Part of the
 Lower Polk /// TL Art Walk
tell-tale signs of

Artistic influence and inspiration can be a tricky
thing. Often artists are asked: where does
your  visual inspiration come from? Not easily
answered. This exhibition examines the tell-tale
signs of other artists (dead or alive)
connecting of thoughts, ideas and feelings  
that have influence in  our present art works.

In some cases, the inspiration might be straight
forward, stemming cleanly from a favorite
artist(s). In some cases, the influence is
unannounced and unware of the kindred
message connecting in the mind.

Tracing signs of connected(ness) in clay
sculpture will be high- lighted by  12 Bay Area
established artists during the Fourth  Annual
Group Show. Curator  Statement: Maggie

Steven Allen, Jennifer Brazelton, Monique
Castiaux, Natasha Dikareva, Alex Hackworth,
Lori Koenig, John Richard Lloyd, Maggie
Malloy, Tomoko Nakazato, Oli Quezada, Juan
Santiago, Bar Shacterman, Tiffany Schmierer

Exhibition Dates:
July 14- Aug 15, 2015

Opening Reception:
Opening July 18th 6-8pm with artists talks

Closing Reception:
August 6th  6-9pm with artists talks

Gallery Hours: Tue - Sat 11:30am - 5:30pm

Part of the
 Lower Polk /// TL Art Walk
Tiffany Schmierer
Alex Hackworth
Bar Shacterman
Juan Santiago
Natasha Dikareva
Steven Allen